Character Issues

Sexual Issues, Personal Issues, Relationships, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Drug Abuse Series

Attitude, Integrity, Goals, Responsibility, Leadership, Friends and Self-Image.

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All videos are 16 minutes in length, featuring three teens and two adult experts.  Ready to use,

reproducible lesson plans on CD-ROM, with discussion questions and homework projects for each video.

TeenAttitudeDVDPreviewTeenAttitudeVideoDVD ATTITUDE   What can a good attitude do for you? Hear from a teenage girl who was shot during a restaurant robbery, but today, she is doing just fine. Listen to Keith, who says your attitude determines who your friends are, and Erica, who says it controls your success in life. Donna turned around her bad attitude and her life. She says a good attitude is the key to overcoming your problems. TeenIntegrityDVDPreviewTeenIntegrityVideoDVD INTEGRITY   "Lying, cheating on tests, stealing... what's the big deal? Everyone does it", is the thinking among many teens.  But Ernesto, a young and charismatic professional boxer, says "You're just cheating yourself." Cheri and Keisha ignore their peers and refuse to cheat. Olympic champion Madeline Manning Mimms says your integrity is the key to how you feel about yourself, and who you will become.
TeenGoalsDVDPreviewTeenGoalsVideoDVD GOALS   Ordinary people do great things in life, but not without goals. Dave Johnson never ran track until his senior year, but he competed as one of the world's greatest decathletes in the Olympics. His secret: hard work and goal setting.  Jerry is a Middle School VP, and he says goals are your blueprint for life. And teenager Tiffany says you can accomplish anything if you refuse to listen to those who say you can't. TeenResponsbilityDVDPreviewTeenResponsibilityVideoDVD RESPONSIBILITY   Who do you blame for your actions and your lot in life? Jennifer had a tough home life, and in frustration, she joined a gang, committed crimes, and was sent to a girl's home.  Now she's taking responsibility for her life and doing great. Andrew blew off school and finally woke up his senior year. Now he's studying and saving money to buy a car.   Deborah says learn to be responsible now or you'll never reach your dreams. 
TeenLeadershipDVDPreviewTeenLeadershipVideoDVD LEADERSHIP   Everyone at some time is asked to be a leader, but where do you lead people?  Chad's friends led him to drugs and prison.  Jesse followed his buddies into a gang, which detoured his life and damaged his relationships with his family. Ellen says it requires good values and hard work to be a leader. As a high scholar, she has set-up her own non-profit organization, "Drug Free Homes", to help people. TeenSelf-ImageDVDPreviewTeenself_imageVideoDVD SELF-IMAGE   For teens, self-image is everything! But that’s often shaped by what everybody else thinks about them! How do friends make them feel good or bad? Carla was popular, but she hated the way she looked. Jim says the key is to help others, and find friends who build you up.   NBA star A.C. Green says to find what you are good at, and do it!
TeenFriendsDVDPreviewTeenChoosingTheRightFriendsVideoDVD FRIENDS   Do you really become like your friends? Michelle says she did, even though she was "stronger" than them. Kyle and Harry are National Body Boarding champions, and for them, friendship means support and encouragement. Frank narrowly avoided gang life, but he had to get new friends. Choose friends you want to be like and who encourage you!


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