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All videos are 16 minutes in length, featuring three teens and two adult experts.  Ready to use,

reproducible lesson plans on CD-ROM, with discussion questions and homework projects for each video.

TeenStressDVDPreviewTeenStressDVDVideo STRESS   Teens are overwhelmed with a million things in their lives, from puberty and school activities, to good grades and good looks. Gina is so stressed out over her looks that she is bulimic. Steve is swamped with school activities but he shares his secret: prioritize and say "no." Teens learn "stress skills" and perspective to deal with life’s pressure. TeenLonelinessDVDPreviewTeenLonelinessDVDVideo LONELINESS   Many teens go through periods of feeling lonely, even though they may be popular! Elisa feels lonely in a crowded room, as though nobody cares about her. Can you use loneliness to your advantage? We all go through it, and experts say it’s a good time to find a hobby, help others, and find out what you really enjoy in life.
TeenDepresionDVDPreviewTeenDepressionDVDVideo DEPRESSION   Many teens go through depression, even though most people never even know it. Jenny was very popular but says she could have won an Academy Award for covering up her depression. Problems with family and friends, no one to talk with seriously, and low self-image make many teens depressed. Teens and experts tell how to deal with it. TeenSuicideDVDPreviewTeenSuicideDVDVideo SUICIDE   It’s always the teen no one ever suspected who commits suicide. How do teens get to that point, and how do you help a friend who’s talking about it? Mike says "Life sucked" in high school, and he tried to kill himself. Today, he tells how he got back into loving life! Bad times do get better, and there is hope for tomorrow.


PARENTS   Why can’t teens and parents get along? They can, but it takes a lot of understanding and communication. Ann’s parents are old-fashioned and want to control her like a little kid. Theresa’s dad does drugs, and she has to live with it. Parents and teens aren’t perfect. Teens gain insight and learn how to communicate and get along with their parents. TeenCopingWithDivorceDVDPreviewTeenCopingWithDivorceVideoDVD DIVORCE   Who wins in divorce? Nobody! The pain runs deep in a teen and can last a lifetime if they don’t deal with it. Shawntell had nightmares after her parents split up. Eric encourages teens to tell their parents how they feel, even at the risk of parents rejecting their feelings. And realizing that it’s not your fault, is a big step forward in dealing with divorce.


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