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Sex, AIDS/STD's, Dating and Pornography

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All videos are 16 minutes in length, featuring three teens and two adult experts.  Ready to use,

reproducible lesson plans on CD-ROM, with discussion questions and homework projects for each video.

TeenAbstinenceDVDPreviewTeenSexualAbstinenceVideoDVD SEX    Sex is on the mind of many teenagers. Hormones and peer pressure are intense. Shelly the cheerleader went too far; now she’s pregnant and her boyfriend split. A former Miss America says, "Wait for marriage!" Young newlyweds talk about how hard that was to do, but how rewarding it is. Omar is 22, a track star, and is determined to wait for marriage. TeenAidsSTDsDVDPreviewTeenAIDS/STDsVideoDVD AIDS/STD'S   Nothing has gripped America with fear like AIDS! And what about STD’s? Listen to Jason who got AIDS from a child molester. Or Chris, who picked up a girl on a vacation and got H.P.V., one of many STD’s that teens haven’t even heard about! But what about "safe sex"? An inner-city AIDS doctor says that means "abstinence." Jonathan says, "Wait for marriage."
TeenDatingDVDPreviewTeenDatingVideoDVD DATING   All teenagers date, right? Wrong! And you’re O.K. if you don’t. And if you do, Miguel tells why not to put your whole life into your girlfriend. After they broke up, he tried to kill himself. Joey and Elena say the key is balance. Spend time with friends and family, have a life outside of your relationship, and don’t be so serious! TeenPornographyAddictionyDVDPreviewTeenPornographyAddictionVideoDVD PORNOGRAPHY  Tired of hearing about date rape, sexual harassment, and women being treated as sex objects?  Then take a look at one of the leading causes: Pornography.  It starts with a juicy article in a common magazine.  Chris was 15 when he saw his first "porno" magazine, and today, at 22, he’s addicted to it. An ordinary looking teen, he candidly admits that if he doesn't get better, he could see how he might turn into the next Ted Bundy. This video is a must-see for teenage boys.


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