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All videos are 16 minutes in length, featuring three teens and two adult experts.  Ready to use,

reproducible lesson plans on CD-ROM, with discussion questions and homework projects for each video.

TeenViolenceDVDPreviewTeenViolenceDVDVideo VIOLENCE   Violence is a big part of the world around our students. Maria knows first hand – SHE WAS SHOT AT WORK. David spent his life in gangs and prison, but says, "For what?" Ryan came from an abusive home and became violent himself. Rich says violence can be avoided through Peer Mediation, and Alnita offers hope for escape from violence. TeenageRacismDVDPreviewTeenRacismDVDVideo RACISM   Racism sparked the biggest riots in L.A. history, and the feelings begin at a young age. Just listen to Matt who hated black people, and then had to live with one in college. Now they’re best friends! Teenage Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites all appear in this video to say the same thing: "I’m a lot like you. Get to know me!"
TeenDropoutPreventionDVDPreviewDROPOUTS.gif (14873 bytes) DROPOUTS   Sue thought a " good paying" job was better than school. But after a year, she’s back in school. Pat had that "great job" when he dropped out, and now tells the truth about life at 38 with no diploma. The reality of life without a high school education hits hard, and Martha encourages teens to hang in there. TeenageUnderstandingTheHomelessDVDPreviewTeenUnderstandingTheHomelessDVDVideo THE HOMELESS  You see them on the corner, sleeping on benches, and begging for money. Are the Homeless just lazy, or do they have serious problems that need our help? Tina volunteered at a Homeless shelter and she says it could be you or me. Union Rescue Mission Director George Caywood says it’s a great feeling when you’re helping the poor.
TeenMediaInfluenceDVDPreviewTeenMediaInfluenceDVDVideo THE MEDIA  How does the Media –advertising, television, movies, and magazines-impact a teenager? LeMaire is a hairstylist to the stars of Hollywood, and she says "don’t fill your head with trash!" Regina used the media to fight back. And Larry says what’s on TV is not what life is really like. Teens learn to screen what they see.    


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