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Substance Abuse

Character Education, Sexual Issues, Personal Issues, Relationships, Social Issues, Drug Abuse Series.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

(For a more in-depth series on the 7 most abused drugs, click here)

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All videos are 16 minutes in length, featuring three teens and two adult experts.  Ready to use,

reproducible lesson plans on CD-ROM, with discussion questions and homework projects for each video.

TOBACCO.gif (14606 bytes) TOBACCO   Cigarettes, chew and dip --are they deadly? Danika is addicted to smoking and she can’t quit. Matt finally stopped after his doctor found a pre-cancerous disease is his mouth. Bill gives you the steps he took to quit. And the grandson of RJ Reynolds (Camel Cigarettes, etc.) lashes out against his family’s empire!


ALCOHOL.gif (15708 bytes) ALCOHOL   Most high school students drink, so what’s the big deal? Nikki will tell you. She’s a teenage alcoholic. She just liked to "party" like everybody else. But now, she says it’s not funny when you can’t control it. Shandra doesn’t drink and she stays away from friends who do. Teens and experts offer help and advice.
DRUGS.gif (14131 bytes) DRUGS   Many teens think a little drug use never hurt anybody. But Peter says it led him to dropping acid, which nearly cost him his family, friends, and his life. A powerful montage of O.D.’d Rock Stars hits home. Experts who treat teens for abuse talk about the consequences, and offer hope and advice. Teens who have been there say "Don’t do it." InsideDope This series covers the 7 most abused drugs after Alcohol and Tobacco. In a similar style to Power Surge, these  7 videos are full of incredible, tell-all interviews of teen abusers.  Similar in style to the TV show, "Behind the Glory", teens will hear their peers relate to the fallout and consequences to their addictions and how to avoid it.


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